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Different types of Spousal support

  1. Temporary spousal support – awarded to a party during a divorce proceeding
  2. Lump sum spousal maintenance – one lump sum award provided to a spouse upon divorce
  3. Periodic spousal maintenance– spousal maintenance payments made at certain periods of time, generally monthly payments, which end after a specified period of time
  4. Rehabilitative spousal maintenance – payments made for a spouse to obtain training or education
  5. Lifetime spousal maintenance –  payments without any termination date (usually only terminates upon the death of a party or remarriage of the recipient spouse)

It is important to note that all spousal maintenance awards remain modifiable unless the parties agree to make the award non-modifiable.  An award that is non-modifiable may have advantages, both for the recipient as well as for the person who is required to make the payment. Our family law attorney will be able to discuss the difference between a modifiable and non-modifiable award and help you to decide which option is best for your situation.

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