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If you are on the brink of divorce in Phoenix, or if it’s already begun, you’ll be needing information.  The fastest way to get it is to talk to someone with experience.  Ms. Gillis offers free telephonic attorney consultations and in-office consultations for a small fee.

Our success depends entirely on our ability to guide, teach, and protect the people that come to us for help. Ms. Gillis and her staff are here to respond to your needs and help you obtain the outcome you want.   We promise to never “sugar coat” the situation you are in.  Too many lawyers will tell people what they want to hear, but we are committed to telling you exactly what you can expect because that is the only way you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and aggressive (when needed) attorney to help you through a divorce matter please call us today at 602) 277-4736

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If you’re not ready to call, please read below to familiarize yourself with common divorce practices, terms, and what they mean.  Remember, this does not count as official legal advice.  They present a broad picture of the divorce landscape to increase your understanding and, hopefully, your peace of mind as well.

Two Categories of Divorce:

Contested Divorce

There are times when two people can’t agree, and must hire a divorce attorney to argue the case before a judge.  This is a contested divorce, or divorce litigation.

If divorce is looming but you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement about:

  • Attending marriage counseling
  • Trial separation
  • Divorce without contest
  • Child custody
  • Division of assets

you will commence a contested divorce.

The divorce litigation process ends with a Judge making the final decision about children, assets, and family support.

Uncontested Divorce

When both parties know they want a divorce, and can agree in general terms about the desired outcome, an uncontested divorce is possible.  In the case of an uncontested divorce action, our divorce lawyers can represent one party and file a joint petition. A joint petition resolves the entire case without requiring a court appearance.

On the other hand, if the parties wish to be involved in a settlement process but it is uncertain whether the case will actually settle, then our office would file a complaint, an answer in proper person, a decree of divorce and a request for a summary disposition so that the matter can be resolved outside of court. We are very skilled with uncontested divorces, helping people reach a fair and amicable solution without going to court. Although there are paralegal services that can provide uncontested divorce filings at a lower cost, when you retain our firm your case will be handled by a divorce attorney, from the settlement to the finalization of paperwork.

Our advantage? We are experienced in divorce law, and because of this experience we know which issues have a potential for divorce litigation in the future and we are here to assure that your case is handled correctly. We design your decree with provisions that equally protect both parties, which in turn lessens the likelihood of future (costly) litigation.

The experienced family law attorneys at The Law Office of Laura Gillis can help navigate through issues of legal decision-making. Call today for a consultation: (602) 277-4736.

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