Phoenix Arizona Custody Attorney Laura Gillis

Legal decision making (formerly known as Custody) can be a difficult and divisive process, but remember: Put your children's best interest before your own.

Child Custody Lawyer in Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona Custody Attorney Laura Gillis

  • Never use your children as a weapon against your spouse.
  • Assure your children they are not to blame for the breakup, and are not being rejected or abandoned by either parent.
  • Be sure your children have ample time with the other parent. They need it.
  • Don’t introduce your children to your new romantic interest until the children have adjusted to your separation and your new relationship is stable.
  • Don’t bring your children to court or to your lawyer’s office.
  • Don’t have your children write letters to the judge or to your lawyer.
  • Never bad mouth the other parent to, in front of,  or within earshot of your child.  You may hate the other parent, but your child loves both parents unconditionally and speaking negatively about the other parent hurts your child more than you will ever know.
  • Take what your child says about spending time with your and/or the other parent with a grain of salt.  Children often tell each parent what they believe that parent wants to hear. Let your attorney determine the appropriate way to have your age appropriate child’s voice heard.

In the family court arena, nothing is more important to the parties than the issues regarding their children. Ms. Gillis believes that if you are facing a child custody matter, you need the assistance of an attorney. It is risky and far too dangerous to represent yourself unless you have the proper legal training to do so. Ms. Gillis is often contacted to fix a legal decision making or parenting time order that went badly. It is far more difficult and expensive to fix an issue that could have been handled correctly right from the start.

Invest in your child now.  Nothing is more important than the relationship you have with that child.

At The law offices of Laura Gillis, we understand how important your children are to you. We are ready to aggressively represent you in your child custody matter. In doing so, we will help navigate  you through issues of legal decision-making, parenting time, and child support. Call today for a consultation: