A few tips for relocation and child custody


Child custody is always a sensitive matter both during and after divorce. If the spouses can’t agree to joint custody, then matters get very complicated and contentious. However, once a custody agreement is in place, the splitting parents can work towards putting the dispute behind them and focusing on the best interests and well-being of their child.

After an agreement is in place though, is there a way to change it? What if certain life events come in to play that force one of the parents to move away from their home? What if it takes them out of state?

Modifications to a child custody agreement can be done — it just needs to be done properly. If you are looking to move out of state, or even somewhere within Arizona, then you must discuss the matter with a family law judge. It also behooves you to discuss this impending relocation with your former spouse so that the matter doesn’t come as a surprise to him or her.

The best interests of the child will play a huge role in whether or not a judge allows your relocation. However, it is still best for the parents requesting this relocation to have a parental plan in place to show the judge. Factors such as employment, accommodations and support in your new location will also be considered by the judge.

No matter the case, you should never bring up modifications to a child custody agreement without the help and experience of a family law attorney.

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