The Law Office of Laura Gillis provides affordable legal representation for individuals in need of a family law attorney in the Phoenix area.

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Laura is by far the easiest lawyer to work with. She took my case knowing we could have a long road ahead of us. (Custody) all ended well and much better than expected. Thank you Laura. She is more than a lawyer, she is a friend.


I had an ex-wife that attempted to come after me for past child support and medical bills, in a nutshell 9 years after he turned of age and going on 4 years since his death, my biggest error in all of this was not having anything in writing from verbal agreements, but fortunately with the stellar representation of Laura, she was able to illustrate to the judge that I more then covered the financial aspects of my sons needs and during cross examination got my ex-wife to admit her greed. I could not have asked for a better attorney if I tried. I found Laura to be honest, driven and passionate for justice.


Laura is the best! She was extremely knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, prompt in returning phone calls and emails. Ex-spouse was requesting unreasonable parenting time and spousal maintenance, Laura quickly shut that down and negotiated hard and fairly until trial which we won in court as well. The judge seemed to know and respect her opinion. Her fee is very reasonable for her worth and I wouldn’t have been able to get through this difficult time without her. Thank you Laura!


I hired Laura near the beginning of 2016 to help with an extremely complicated, long-winded divorce case that was starting anew after moving back to Arizona. She was understanding of my concerns for my children's safety and went far above what I had expected. She and her staff were always available to help when problems arose and I am glad to say that now the divorce is over, my children are safe, I am living in my house, and can live my life again in peace. Divorces are terrible so it is important to hire someone who can handle the ups and downs throughout the case. She was even willing to give advice after the case finished and I had enountered further problems with my ex who I eventually had to get an Order of Protection against. I highly recommend Laura Gillis for anyone who needs a fighter and a good listener on their team!


Flag I talked with several attorneys before Laura and actually hired one. I paid the retainer fee and within six weeks they wanted another payment, My case was on hold waiting for reconciliation court. Yet they billed me for looking up that nothing was being done, they were billing me for emails they sent me telling me nothing has been done and billed me for billing me. What made me leave was when the attorney that promised me what I wanted they could deliver told me to just roll over, husbands never get anything. I fired them and found Laura, she told me what I wanted was not likely but after that she prepared an argument for my case, I end up with my two sons, child and spousal support. But most of all she never made me feel she was a lawyer looking out for their best interest but was a human looking out for my family. I am forever grateful and have referred family and friends to her.


Laura and her staff are simply amazing. She went out of her way to make me feel like my situation was her own. Her staff was responsive and attentive. I can't imagine that a better attorney exists. Thank you!!!


Laura Gillis is a laywer that takes every case seperate and on a proffesional and yet personal level. Her consistancy with keeping me well informed of everything that was being done and was being sent concerning my case kept me at peace and gave me the utmost confidence in her legal knowledge and ability to keep a proffesional composure in a courtroom setting that not only won my case,however gave me the greatest gift of all, MY SON. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a laywer that doesn't come to work to check on her financial standings with her clients, however she comes to work to check on her work which is the core of her profession. Her clients take presidence over anything. I could never repay her fo her services and would use her over and over when needed


Laura Gillis Has been an Angel from God through her consistant and thourogh investigating work, she has succeeded in winning our case that gave my family back which gave my life back. I would reccomend her to anyone that needs a laywer that cares not only about winning her case, but her clients too.


She was so helpful...every little concern or question, she would always take the time to answer. she really made my case important and took the time to go out of her way to make me feel comfortable with the process and to make sure that i was in the loop and understood everything.


I would recommend Laura Gillis as a Lawyer. She is very knowledgeable and trust-worthy. I also think she is very compassionate about what she does. Laura also takes the time to discuss issues and concerns even when she is out of the office. She's the best!


Family Lawyer in Phoenix

Since 2001, Attorney Laura Gillis has successfully assisted hundreds of  clients with their divorce, child support, child custody, visitation, legal separation, prenuptial agreements and spousal maintenance issues.

Ms. Gillis understands that the attorney you hire should work for you!   Accordingly, she strives to provide genuine solutions to the often complicated issues you face.  Whether you need an attorney to educate you and inform you of your rights to help you reach a quick and amicable settlement, or an attorney to aggressively fight for your rights, the Law Office of Laura Gillis is dedicated to assisting you meet all of your goals.

We offer free telephonic consultations to all potential clients.  We also offer in-person consultations for a small fee which gets applied to your Attorney fee’s once you hire us to represent you. Under certain circumstances, we are able to offer representation for a flat fee.

Each case is unique and no two cases are ever the same.   Ms. Gillis’s practice is limited the area of Family Law. There are many Family Law attorneys in the Phoenix area, however, when it comes to selecting the attorney that is right for you,  experience and your ability to comfortably discuss the most sensitive areas of your life with that attorney and their staff, are critical.

If you are in need of an experienced, aggressive and dedicated Family Law attorney to help you with your  family law related issues, Please call us at (602) 277-4736 and schedule your initial consultation today.

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Areas of Practice

Child Custody

If you are going through or have been through a divorce and need to fight for custody of your child. Take a look at this page to help you better understand the Arizona child custody guidlines and laws. Arizona child custody cases can be complex, however Arizona divorce attorney Laura Gillis can help you understand your rights and Arizona child custody laws.

Loco Parentis Custody

The term In Loco Parentis refers to situation where a party who is not a legal parent of a child but who has stood like a parent to a child(ren) may apply to the Court for custody or visitation rights. To determine a custody right for a non-parent the Court must find that there has been a meaningful parental relationship formed for a substantial period of time in order for this type of order to be entered.

Prenuptial Agreements

The law offices of Laura Gillis can assist you with protecting your legal rights if you are contemplating a prenuptial agreement. We can also assist you if you are a party to a prenuptial agreement and you are now contemplating or facing a divorce action.

Custody by Non-Parents

Arizona law provides grandparents with certain visitation rights. Under A.R.S. § 25-409, the court may grant visitation rights to a grandparent if the visitation would be in the child’s best interest and any of the following are true.

Family Law

I provide free consultations as well as a low flat fee option for your Arizona family law or divorce case. We handle cases focusing on family law, divorce and child custody in Arizona. Our legal team is able to assist you with any and all family law matters including spousal maintenance, spousal maintenance, divorce, child custody, grandparents rights, annulment, prenuptial and post marital agreements, visitation, child support.


I have several years of experience in family law and divorce. Divorce is a life changing event, make sure you know if you need an Arizona divorce attorney prior to filing your divorce paperwork.

Spousal Maintenance

In Arizona, the determination to award spousal maintenance is based largely on the specific facts and evidence presented to the court in each divorce case. Therefore, when spousal maintenance is an issue, it is important for a party to be represented by experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel.


Parents who are denied custody of their children are often entitled to generous visitation rights, unless visitation with the non-custodial parent does not serve the child’s best interests. The child’s welfare is the court’s primary concern with custody and visitation matters.

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